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While in the "Build" screen, you can now set a building "As a Goal", this goal will be displayed on the homepage along with the missing materials needed to build it.

Kingdom notifications are now automatically posted in the kingdom chat for a tax change, a motd change, a raze and a new building.

[July 17th 2016] New kingdom buildings: Academy (increases tradeskill experience), Toolshed (increases workload). Rebalanced expedition (Lowered gold cost to 50k, reduced the resource scaling to 1.20 and increased the base resource needed by 5x).

Fixed an issue with razing building in an "0" shape with another kingdom in the middle or an empty tile. Changed the maximum tax reduction to 5 % @ Selling Level 500 (current market listing will stay at the same rates). [July 16th 2016] Fixed the display error with the Fish requirements in the goal section.

Untradeable gems and relics can no longer be deposited in a kingdom.

[August 9th 2016] Summer's heat EVENT (7 Days): Get 1 token per 100 tradeskill attempts while this event is on and trade those for unique titles, global boost, increased stamina or resources. Fixed an issue with focused kingdom quests between woodcutting and mining.

Moderators now have a "mod" tag and can use colors of their title.

[August 7th 2016] Fixed an issue with the leaderboard getting mixed-up.

Fixed an issue with filtering market prices with numbers exceeding 2 bil.

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